Know every kid's reading level in 10 minutes

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Spend more time teaching.
Let artificial intelligence do the testing.

Unlearn Education technology combines proven literacy assessment strategies with cutting edge machine learning. The result is a set of deceptively simple tools to help teachers assess both fluency and comprehension in a fraction of the time needed for traditional assessments. Measure one student's progress, or easily see growth and performance at the classroom, school, and district level.

Quick, Actionable Insights

In 10 minutes you can understand where students fall along a scientifically established literacy spectrum. Each level is organized into a developmentally appropriate set of tasks that help teachers understand the status of each student at any time.

Accessible formative assessment data on all students allows teachers to provide targeted instruction to accelerate students' reading growth. Methodical alignment to popular end-of-year tests avoid surprises by letting you know exactly where students are.

Future-forward tech, all aimed at helping every child reach literacy proficiency.

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